Saying Goodbye to Our First Car

Sudut parkiran Kalcit

Ya ampuuun, sudah seabad rasanya tidak menulis di blog ini. Kali ini sih excuse-nya cuma satu: sedang sibuk banget.

Padahal kalau mau diitung-itung udah lumayan banyak cerita yang pengen di-share di sini. Salah satunya soal mobil pertama┬ákami: Karlito. Setelah hampir 4 tahun bersama, it’s time to say goodbye to our dearest.

Ada beberapa alasan yang membuat kami memutuskan untuk melepas Karlito. Walaupun begitu Karlito akan selalu di hati kami.

Sangking sayangnya dengan mobil ini saya pernah menulis tentang Karlito beberapa tahun yang lalu. Sayang, tulisan dalam Bahasa Inggris –ala ala– itu tidak sempat saya unggah ke blog selama kami memilikinya –dan baru sekarang akan saya publikasikan.

Sudut parkiran Kalcit
Hari pertama Karlito

Sekarang, kami sudah memiliki pengganti Karlito. We hope that it will be as awesome as Karlito.


Small Car, Big Fun

Our Karlito will turn 2 this December. But in its early age this car has given us so many experience. Ultimately seen at the kelok 44.

We planned to visit our family at Maninjau Lake, two day before Ied (2012). It was the first time for Karlito going there, us too.

Because we didn’t know the area, google maps help us to navigate latitude of Maninjau Lake. From bukittinggi we go to Padang Panjang street and at the crossroad we turn right, to the Imam Bonjol street. It was a narrow street, just enough for 2 car, but the view of the rice field, river and mountains are gorgeous.

Me acts as a navigator, while my husband the driver. The real test come in the Kelok 44. It was a driving test too. But we survive.

Karlito is a city car, yes. But it is very reliable. It maybe not very fast, but stable in a long road. It maybe not have much power, but it could climb a mountain. Seriously. Moreover, it’d taking us from Jakarta to Sumatera, more than 1000 km distance. Without serious problems.

Small car, big fun indeed.


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